Lemurian b-earth chart readings

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© All rights reserved. is run by NIMARANA LLC

© All rights reserved. is run by NIMARANA LLC

So, what is it?

Nature has it’s own undistorted operating system. At the moment of bearth (entry), these energies are arranged in a specific way for that individual. This translates into what we call the Lemurian bearth chart.Nature is always taking care of itself. As we are human, we are expressions of nature. Thus, the way in which we gift our abilities is how nature is caring for itself through us. Often we may see this in the "occupations" we engage in, regardless of whether or not we're still in the corporate world.The Lemurian bearth chart has some similarities to a zodiac birth chart. However, there are big differences between the two systems. The main thing to note is that the zodiacs are distorted and unbalanced. Many have already observed this phenomena when considering the zodiac translations.While we can acknowledge the definition of "star sign" being the placement of the sun along the elliptical of the planet, we can also observe how the names of those star signs are the same as certain constellations, which are above us.The Lemurian states a clear connection between the star constellations/astrology (as above) and the bearth signs/land (so below), and recognizing one sign per month. These bearth signs are called MOTU, which means “island”.If I were to say HONU MOTU, I would be speaking both the bearth sign of March, and I would also be speaking the continental location of North America, aka TURTLE ISLAND.To my knowledge, we do not have this type of translation in the zodiac. Ergo, here is no such thing as Scorpio Island.(I know at least one of you laughed in relief at that. 😆)

What to expect

You will be provided with the deep memory of how these benevolent beings support you in different ways, be it within the foundation of who you are, or within the fruits that you gift to others. The memory itself is coming from a system far older than the dinosaurs, and not associated with gods of war who have lots of nasty mythologies tied to them.This reading does not entail anything specific with planetary placements, asteroids, and positions like rising and midheaven. It does entail the child's approach of how many of those pieces sit within each MOTU, and looking at it in a simple way. You will see an example of this in the photos on this page.You get a video recording of the reading, along with a printable PDF of your bearth chart. The information that you receive can be used by you in supporting your communities, especially if you do any type of energy work.This exchange is a quantum re-bearthing, and it is such an honor that I can provide this to all my relations.Thank you for coming to play with me. I appreciate you.


Here I show a side by side of the Lemurian vs Draconian. Both charts depicted here are mine.When we take the child-like approach of asking how many MOTU are present, we can plug them into a table and make a pie chart out of the data like what we see on the LEARN page.Then we take it a step further and create a tree like what is shown here. The more times a MOTU shows up, the higher up they are in the tree. The ones who show up 1 or 0 times will be at the base of the trunk, acting as the main level of the foundation. This tree image you see here is unique to me, and shows exactly how each MOTU supports the others in this formulation.Think of it like a cake recipe. 😁The most prominent ingredients of my cake recipe are OKAPI (forest giraffe) and TUATARA (smiling gecko). Both of these prominent energies are behind the creation and presentation of the Lemurian bearth charts.The readings share both the original framework of the Lemurian system, and the unique framework for that individual.


HUNA TÂ MÂ ÂKÊ is a Lemurian shaman who has studied with Dragon Master Huna Mauta Kumara Taki (aka Huna Flash). For the past three years, she has provided technical support directly for Huna Flash and the House of Huna. Now that she has graduated from the Dragon Masters Intensive, she is offering her technical support to all relations across the world, through the Lemurian bearth charts.▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾Dragon Master Huna Mauta Kumara Taki (aka Huna Flash) is the founder/president of House of Huna, and HOH HOLDINGS. He can be found at



I feel more of a connection with this Bearth chart than I ever felt with traditional astrology/zodiac. Such a beautiful experience. I have more of a handle on my future and my strengths💛 thank you so much Huna Ta Ma Ake for sharing your medicine.

This session with Huna TaMaAke was amazing! She was able to show me the translations of the old Draconian info into the new Lemurian energies. She's very thorough, and was able to explain different aspects easily. The beautiful charts are visually supportive, and convey a LOT of information in an easy to understand format. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to bridge the Draconian system with the newer, more naturally aligned energies of the Lemurian bearthcharts!

This reading gives the missing pieces to why certain animals are around you also how the medicine of the tree plays into it. I loved the explained step by step symbol of why this is in your chart. I really felt like this was more spiritually connecting in an ancient way. The video download is wonderful because I can practice the pronunciation of the names in my chart. everything is color coded easy to follow. LOVE it !!! a well worth Birthday gift for myself.

I so appreciate the chance to learn more about what the motu represent and the different animal allies that are here for support! I can feel the reading working on me in subtle ways to help me remember my origins and get more clarity on my purpose. Very grateful!

It’s been 2 days since I got the reading and my clarity and life changed so much; I look at where I live differently in a more beautiful way. Thank you so much. Everything resonates and makes more sense in my life now 10/10!

It's all still new to me so I am grateful how you broke it all down and simplified it for me. I could talk to you about this stuff for hours. I found it so amazing how everything lined up. I am excited to study the Dragon Master course so I can have a deeper understanding. Thank you so much!

For me, having a choice of Motu, when we came together the feeling became very complete. Like the energies of the MA I TA and me, had come back together, a feeling of completeness. Also the energetic support of a team member of the chart, is felt very strong. Thank you so much.

The Bearth chart reading has expanded my understanding of the Motu's and how they support my life. It's pretty amazing! I highly recommend a chart reading from Ta Ma Ake.

So much confirmation. This makes so much more sense to me that the zodiak system ever did! I loved my reading and I thank you for remembering it and reminding me of this knowledge.

I really enjoyed having my Lemurian bearth chart reading! It was very enlightening, and it felt so much more aligned with the true essence and nature of who I am. I implore you all to see for yourself. There were a lot of light bulb moments for me and it made me realize how divinely connected we are. Thank you so much Huna Ta Ma Ake

Most amazing Master piece Huna Ta Ma Ake, This brings out the Joy, of the spirit through heart, and being within me. And I'm just having a very good feel and look, receiving the energies, feeling the expansion within, that these energies of this LEMURIAN Berth Chart opens from within deeper levels, without feeling of any limitations. NyaWeh Hoh - Deepest gratefulness and gratitude. I have not even seen the video session, yet. Your Creative abilities, continuously soar! Again NyaWeh, Rahkwees Keh ( Raquis Keh )

I loved connecting with my Lemurian B-Earth Chart. I have been making connections with my spirit animals. So happy to realise that I am not a Scorpio as I could not always relate to that energy of the back biter. lol. Since 2021 I have started using a 13 Moon 28 Day Calendar system, although not Lemurian, I am more at peace and in harmony with nature. I am still exploring all my B-Earth Chart and watching the wonders unfold. Thank you again xx

Absolutely remarkable information! Thank you for sharing your amazing ability of combining these systems and then being able to thoroughly explain them. What a gift!

This reading provided me with so much peace as I now know where I stand. Supported by the motu, I feel safe and connected!

the night following the reading i had a vivid dream featuring both my parents ( now in their eighties) whom i still have a disfunctional relation with - and for me that dream is a HUGE HEALING step = a gift from the quantum field !!

It is a wonderful work you are doing. Thank you! May you grow endlessly. Wa wa nui

This really changes my perspective about astrology and brought my awareness to potential strengths in my relationships and career path.

Every time I go into my Huna scope and Lemurian birth chart, I discover a new medicine I have been using and creating from my entire life. The gifts seem to be constantly unfolding in a beautiful blissful way.
I’m honored to have been a part of this journey also reading and experiencing with Ta MA Ake and her brilliant translations of my Quantum Life.
Bliss is everything🌎🐢🌳🌊❤️
Much Love and even more WaWa to from a reading with her.
Tracy Ka Hi Oku🕊️

I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn my Lemurian Bearth chart along with all the other beautiful charts and information you shared with me. Thank you 🐛🦋🐝

This is a reading that I will need to re-listen to at least two more times. So much information is packed into a short time and grasping the entirety of it all I know will happen in several "ah ha" moments in the near future. I needed the remembrance to go back to the sounds from the calendar as I've been focused on the MAHAKA in these past months. They all go together and now with this reading I have a better understanding of each Motu and will continue to get to know them deeper.Much Wa Wa

I have already started to recommend this amazing way of getting the tools to remember who I Am. Its codes that awaken the «bodys» memories.
I have got the seal and a dragon rider and a burning mask. All of this is helping to remember who I really Am.
The session was immediately resonating, and Huna Ta Ma Ake is very kind and sharp in the space of remembering. The animals in the chart is my new wayshowers already 24 hes since I had my chart. I realized that they have been there all along 😀 and are showing themselves when I pay attention and keep myself very calm.
I feel so much wisdom is coming back and its pure love and incredible simple. I felt immediately that I Am doing exactly what my birthchart is showing me, and helping me to rise my conscious being to next level.
I love my own signature already 🐢🦋🐋🐬🐻 and I love to go back to play and communicate with the animals. Gratitude 🙏🏼
Much love Huna Ta Ma Ake for doing this wonderful service for us 🐢

I just want to thank you, Huna Ta Ma Ake for giving me a beautiful Lemurian B-earth chart reading! This was my first time getting a reading with anyone and I'm so grateful and glad that it was with you and in this 'Way'. You were able to share the messages and correspondences, histories, energies and insights within my chart and within the Lemurian system in a clear and passionate manner that both affirmed and enriched my understandings and experiences. I received a lot of insights into my current path, life experiences and direction with so much clarity and purpose from the Motu and your knowledge of them. Many synchronicities and messages came through; more than I could say without turning the session into an hours long affair lolI was pleasantly surprised that even specific information related to distant genetic connections could be picked up and when you mentioned the trinity of the Honu, Kaka, and Kahuku, having this energy of 'old friends meeting once again', I received a psychic imprint that another layer of that trinity was some reconnection between Sirian, Pleiadean, and Lemurian energies or incarnations related to me. This was very insightful, given that I only recently found out I have a prominent connection to the Sirian star family.In dream time I have been feeling the vibrations of the Motu, coming in one by one to visit me and reconnect. It feels like awakening to a more natural flow of self and energy expression that is very harmonious with my nature based path. So much love and care from the Motu I have received with their activations and I look forward to knowing them more as I progress along the path.Thank you so much for making this experience all that it could be. I have received such a wonderful gift and will be recommending to all of my friends to seek the same!



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