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Lemurian b-earth chart sessions
& other goodies w/
huna ta ma ake


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Nature has it’s own undistorted operating system. At the moment of bearth, these energies are arranged in a specific way for that individual. This translates into what is called the Lemurian Bearth Chart.The Lemurian language states a clear connection between the star constellations/astrology (as above) and the bearth signs/land (so below), recognizing one sign per month. They sit in a counter-clockwise rotation, lead by the essence of the womb. These bearth signs are called MOTU. This word also means “island”.If I were to say HONU MOTU, I would be speaking both the bearth sign of March, and the continental location of North America, aka TURTLE ISLAND.All MOTU are present in your life, no matter how “big” or “small” their energies are in your chart. Much like a stage play, everyone has a critical role in supporting the production.And no one gets butt-hurt that Gecko is a main star.


What to expect

In this 90 minute educational session with me (HUNA TA MA AKE), you get:

  • Recognition of the MOTU (island) you were born on, with the Lemurian name.

  • Your Lemurian bearth-date, which follows a different numbering sequence than the Gregorian.

  • A breakdown of your MOTU (Lemurian bearth sign), their two KAWA (star constellations), with their Lemurian names.

  • A breakdown of the 12 MOTU, the 24 KAWA, and their roles in supporting you. Similar to the images above, but unique to you.

  • Their alignments to the KAHA (chakras), for the 12 MOTU and the 24 KAWA.

  • Clues/confirmations for the life themes of greatest challenge (and greatest potential expansion).

  • A write up of what Lemurian sounds you can focus on (emailed to you).

  • A copy of your chart PDF with all 12 MOTU and the 24 KAWA (emailed to you).

  • A copy of the session recording (emailed to you).

There is a lot to learn and take in during our time together. The information that you receive can be used by you in supporting your communities, especially if you do energy work.

NOTE: This session is not like what you get in a zodiac reading. Meaning, you will not see all of the planets/astroids/nodes/etc like you would in a zodiac chart. The image above is similar to what you will receive during your session. It will be unique to you. We do not get into the exactness of degrees and how those placements relate to each other in your chart.The Lemurian bearth chart functions as an energetic antidote, to undo distorted energies that have been gifted to you.If you are looking for something more akin to a zodiac reading, this session is not for you.

Bookings are non-refundable.


The Lemurian New Year is June 1st, and we just hit 2025. We now have a digital calendar that gives you the LEMURIAN date! All programmed to First Light (New Zealand), and automatically syncs to your time zone. (Hence why you see 1/1/2025 starting at 7pm CDT in this example:

There’s some nice descriptors of the MOTU (bearth signs), complete with emojis:


In the download you get 4 calendars:

  • 2025 MOTU (monthly b-earth signs + the 13th month)

  • 2025 MOON MOTU (the moon sitting in the MOTU, and not going through 4 different signs in one month)

  • 2025 LEMURIAN DATES (with June being new years, we've added the Lemurian date for each day, for the entirety of 2025)

  • 2025 EVENTS (conjunctions, Venus morning/evening rise & max brightness, equinox/solstice, MATARIKI/Pleiades portal, etc)

NOTE: While there are planetary conjunctions in the EVENTS calendar, the planetary movements are not included at this time.


The Quantum Navigator, Chief of Operations House of Huna

HUNA TÂ MÂ ÂKÊ is a Lemurian shaman who has studied with Dragon Master Huna Mauta Kumara Taki (aka Huna Flash). For the past three years, she has provided technical support directly for Huna Flash and the House of Huna.▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵▾▵Dragon Master HUNA MAUTA KUMARA TAKI (aka Huna Flash) is the founder/president of House of Huna, and HOH HOLDINGS. He can be found at www.hoh.earth.



The MOTU are the Lemurian bearth signs. We do not call them zodiacs because that word does not exist in the Lemurian language. There is only have 1 bearth sign per month, in a 28 day per month system. Note that there are no hybrid beings, or scorpions.Each of the 12 MOTU are aligned to a land mass on the planet, and have two star constellations called KAWA. This gives us a total of 24 star constellations.The 13th month does have a bearth sign. Anyone born on these days are in MA I TA and they have a choice of bearth sign: either they choose MA I TA (aka the crystal sweet potato), or they go to the sign in the following month.Ex.: Someone born on March 31st can choose MA I TA, or the sign for April, which is TUATARA.


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  • What is the Lemurian operating system? We call it WA TA KA. It represents the function and foundation of nature itself, before and beyond distortions. Calling it the Lemurian operating system, or WA TA KA, is synonymous with calling it nature's operating system.

  • Where did you learn this? I studied the zodiac system a while back, and then found Huna Flash and the Lemurian operating system. While I am not deeply studied in the zodiac, I do have a knack for pattern recognition. Over time, my desire to bridge the two systems transformed into the Lemurian bearth chart.

  • Does the Lemurian relate at all to the zodiac? The simple answer is: Yes. The Lemurian comes long before the zodiac. If you know of the zodiac attributes, and recognize the benevolent pieces that don't bring harm, that's the Lemurian. Anything of harm within those attributes are distorted energies, meant to confuse and divide. The next step would be to learn the Lemurian sounds of the lands/bearth signs, and star constellations. We go deep into those during the session, and also covering some of the connections between the two systems (if that resonates with you).

  • Is there anyone else who does Lemurian bearth charts? No. This is a creation of mine, bearthed from my studies of the zodiac and Lemurian systems. The Dragon Masters Course with Huna Flash set the foundation.

  • Where else can I learn about the Lemurian bearth chart? At present, all we have is what is in this website and in the sessions. The foundational learnings can be found in the Dragon Masters Course.

  • What kind of clients do you get? All kinds. There are the ones who never resonated with the zodiacs, the ones who know a lot about them, and everyone in between. I do also get clients from the indigenous/First Nations, and they always share about how they did not grow up speaking the zodiac system. A phrase like "The Age of Aquarius" is not something they use. The Lemurian bearth chart is rooted in the operating system of nature, and is in alignment with their way of life.

  • Do I need an understanding of the zodiacs for this session? Nope! Come as you are, with an open mind and heart.

  • Do you see any patterns? OH yes. About 80% of my clients are women. 35% were born in the 1960's. Many are not Hunas at the time of their session. I'm just as likely to have a November Scorpio book a session as I am someone born in March. (This is the bearth sign of the turtle, which is my bearth sign). 😁

  • Will you be providing a course? Yes, in the future. There is no ETA at this time.

  • Do you/will you offer payment plans? No.


The MOTU are not just our bearth signs. They are also land masses on the planet. This means that the energy of our bearth signs hold us, and we are not lost at sea. No matter where we are born, or what MOTU sign we're born with.There are no strict borders with the MOTU. Their energies are known to overlap each other.
Here's a good example:
Mexico and Central America are on HONU MOTU (Turtle Island). When you go to those countries, you will see a lot of hummingbird. Hummingbird Island is right next door, in South America.The map above gives a fairly accurate depiction of the MOTU locations, as shared by Huna Flash.


Haven't had a bearth chart session? Cool! This is a good way to get introduced to me and what I do.Had a prior bearth chart session, and want to get some precision support from the MOTU and KAWA? Awesome! Let's do it.I am implementing a unique form of sound therapy into my sessions. Any Lemurian codes we discover during the session will be emailed to you afterwards, along with a video recording.

Bookings are non-refundable.